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Active Office

Our selection of active office products will help keep your workforce energized and productive — even while sitting at their desks.
Begin Chair®

Active seating on our ball chair, for home or work.

Begin Chair product thumbnail
“Pinky” Ball, 2.5" (7cm)

An intense massage for stubborn spots.

Pinky Ball product thumbnail
Soft-Spike Massage Balls

For massaging tight or tender spots.

Soft-spike massage balls product thumbnail
Balance Pad

Durable foam, with smooth, easy to clean surface.

Balance Pad product thumbnail
Balance Cushion

Two-sided inflatable cushion works your core muscles.

Balance Cushion product thumbnail
Portable Roller Massager

Handles retract for compact storage.

Portable Roller Massager product shot thumbnail

Release tight spots that rollers can't reach.

KnotOut product shot thumbnail
Large Foam Wedge

Versatile positioning tool.

Large Foam Wedge product thumbnail
Foam Wedge

Ease wrist discomfort or create a balance challenge.

Foam Wedge product thumbnail

An innovative self-massage tool to help with stubborn spots.

MyoTool product thumbnail
Resistance Tubing

Taken to a new level of quality for the professional.

Resistance Tubing product thumbnail
Balance Boards

Features a half-sphere base adjustable to three heights.

Balance Boards product thumbnail

High-performance, professional rollers.

Roller products

Versatile and economical for fitness and rehabilitation.

Thera-Band product thumbnail

Available in three sizes.

Handweights product thumbnail
Exercise Videos

Combat the negative effects of sitting.

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