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Pilates Manuals & Workbooks

Balanced Body® Manuals

by Balanced Body®
These beautiful manuals include detailed exercise descriptions, great photographs, precautions, modifications for common physical limitations, and cueing for optimum form. Instructions on using the equipment, programs of different levels and the Pilates movement principles will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Pilates method.

If you require manuals for a Balanced Body Pilates instructor training course, please purchase them when you sign up for the course. Do not purchase here.

Individual titles include:

  • Arm Chair: 16 exercises, 50 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Orbit: 47 exercises, 122 pages(sample PDF)
  • Mat & Bands: 36 exercises, 125 pages(sample PDF)
  • Mat & Ball: 22 Exercises, 132 pages(sample PDF)
  • Mat & Ring: 37 Exercises, 88 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Mat & Roller: 30 Exercises, 100 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Mat: 81 exercises, 99 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Reformer: 103 exercises, 165 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Chair: 58 exercises, 76 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Trapeze Table (Cadillac): 60 exercises, 102 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Barrels: 21 exercises, 49 pages : (sample PDF)
  • EXO® Chair: 46 exercises, 76 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Pilates Arc™: 41 exercises, 88 pages : (sample PDF)
  • Or save $45 on set of 5 manuals (Mat, Reformer, Chair, Trapeze Table and Barrels)
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