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Avalon® Arm Chair

A new dimension in Pilates, for classical or contemporary repertoire.


Inspired by Joseph Pilates' original Arm Chair. Original concept by world-renowned teacher Rael Isacowitz and developed in collaboration with Balanced Body.

The Avalon® Arm Chair is a complete redesign of the original, and vastly increases the number of exercise options. It provides 100% of the functionality of Joseph Pilates' Arm Chair, plus many of the exercise possibilities of the Trapeze Table (Cadillac) and Ladder Barrel.

  • Six spring arm attachment points provide resistance that is fully adjustable, in multiple planes. The spring attachments allow instructors to create novel angles of pull and exercise sequences, with varying resistance.
  • Using the Avalon® Arm Chair in combination with the Avalon Box creates a mat surface like the Trapeze Table. Seated, standing, prone, supine, kneeling and lateral exercises are possible, along with rotational work.
  • The rounded top of the Avalon Arm Chair can be used to perform many exercises from the Ladder Barrel repertoire, with the addition of spring resistance for arms and legs.
  • Avalon Arm Chair’s modified shape reinforces upright alignment when seated, encouraging activation of core muscles.
  • Adjustable handles accommodate a variety of exercises and body types.
  • Extremely user-friendly, especially for clients with restricted mobility.

The optional Avalon Box and Avalon Ladder further expand the versatility of this apparatus. See the “Upgrades & Accessories” tab for details.

Other Avalon products available: the Avalon Step Barrel and the Avalon System Workbook. Avalon System components can be purchased together or separately.

Limited 10–Year Warranty.

U.S. Patents No. 7604579, 7691039

What people are saying...

A unique piece like the Avalon is a great selling tool. It motivates clients who do classes to add private sessions, because they want to experience all the equipment.

Brandon Gamble, Tacoma, WA

With the Avalon Step Barrel, my clients love exercises that used to be a struggle on my old step barrel. And since it has springs, the barrel provides a full body workout.

Sheri Long, El Segundo, CA

The Avalon equipment is definitely more accommodating for larger or longer bodies. It adds resistance to conventional exercises. It’s a fantastic way to progress clients.

Ed Botha, Cape Town, South Africa

Avalon equipment supports and comforts my seniors, and my overweight clients can get on and off the chair without struggling or embarrassment. One of my best investments.

Sheri Long, El Segundo, CA


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Included with your Avalon Arm Chair: four sockets and one pair of spring arms.

The Avalon Arm Chair is available separately, or in packages with other Avalon System components. See the "Upgrades & Accessories" tab for information on the Avalon Box, Avalon Ladder and other accessory packages.

Streaming Video Available

This 55-minute Video is a lecture-demonstration by Rael Isacowitz, demonstrating the new Avalon Arm Chair and Box in use. Approximately 12 exercises are explained (arm, abdominal and leg), to illustrate the far-ranging capabilities of the apparatus.

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  • Maple-faced hardwood laminate with padded upholstery.
  • Six socket receiver holes are cut into the Avalon Arm Chair. Chair comes with four sockets pre-installed (securely bolted in place). The remaining two receiver holes are covered with black plugs. Additional sockets may be purchased separately.
  • Two fully-adjustable spring arms are included. Attach springs to spring arms, or use spring arms as handles. Easily move spring arms from one socket location to another by using the quick-release knob pin.
  • Wheels mounted on back for Arm Chair portability.
  • Standard stock upholstery color is Black. Or choose from 9 standard or 26 custom colors.


Height: 39” (91cm)
Width with Sockets: 20” (51cm)
Length: 42.5” (108cm)
Weight: 214 lbs.