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Chair Accessories


Avalon® Sockets and Spring Arms

Your Avalon Chair comes with six receiver holes, four of which have sockets pre-installed to allow for the attaching of spring arms, and one pair of spring arms. Spring arms attach to the sockets and allow instructors to create novel angles of pull and exercise sequences, with varying resistance. They are easily moved between sockets with a quick-release knob pin.

Add versatility to your Avalon Chair by purchasing additional sockets and spring arms, to allow for simultaneous use of multiple attachment points and angles.

You can also upgrade your Contour Step Barrel™ to the functionality of the Avalon Step Barrel by purchasing sockets and spring arms. A unique way to add spring resistance-based repertoire to your Step Barrel (Spine Corrector) repertoire!

Pair of Avalon® sockets, sold separately.
Pair of Avalon® spring arms, sold separately.

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