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CoreAlign® Accessories

The optimal functional training tool for personal & small group training.

Replacement Band Kit for CoreAlign®

Balanced Body has redesigned the CoreAlign bands and handles. After a year of thorough research and testing, the new bands feature:

  • Longer band life
  • Lighter resistance, for a wider dynamic range
  • Extra security band can be used if desired
  • Longer band life and re-usable handles are more eco-friendly and efficient
  • Made in the USA


Does your CoreAlign have older style bands?

Older style bands have handles that are permanently attached to the bands. These are no longer available.

To order replacement kits if you currently have older style bands and handles:
Order the bands of your choice below, AND order replacement handles. Handles come in sets of 26 (each CoreAlign requires a total of 24 handles), or in smaller sets of six. Handles are re-usable and only need be ordered once.

Does your CoreAlign have newer style bands and handles?

Newer style handles have slots that allow you to remove and replace the colored bands from the handles.

To order replacement kits if you have newer style bands and handles:
Order the bands of your choice below. NOTE: If you have a CoreAlign with a serial number of CA05244 or above, you will need to order the longer CoreAlign replacement bands. You do NOT need to order handles. You can re-use the handles currently on your equipment.

Color Part # Price  

Important for Safety
Bands are consumables and must be replaced regularly. This ensures consistent resistance and safe use. Inspect bands weekly and replace immediately if you see holes or a thinning surface. Prolong the life of stored bands by keeping them in a sealed bag away from direct sunlight and heat.

View/download installation instructions

Please contact us at 1-800-Pilates (745-2837), 916-388-2838 or if you have questions.

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