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Products for the Feet

Strengthen the feet, and improve gait and balance
Foot Corrector

A piece of traditional Pilates equipment from Balanced Body.

Joe's Toe Gizmo®

Corrects toe misalignments, strengthens feet, and more.

Joe's Toe Gizmo product thumbnail
CenterLine™ Foot Corrector

Tone and balance the body from the sole up!

CenterLine Foot Corrector product thumbnail
Functional Footprints®

Easy-to-use tools that teach leg alignment.

Functional Footprints product thumbnail
Soft-Spike Massage Balls

For massaging tight or tender spots.

Soft-spike massage balls product thumbnail
“Pinky” Ball, 2.5" (7cm)

An intense massage for stubborn spots.

Pinky Ball product thumbnail
Yamuna Foot Wakers

Rounded fingers gently massage and release all parts of the foot.

Yamuna Foot Wakers product thumbnail