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Add variety to your workouts with Balanced Body’s large selection of high-quality props.
New! The Slice

Assists in attaining true parallel position.

Slice thumbnail
New! Balanced Body ActivMotion Bar

Lift. Shift. Stabilize.

ActivMotion Bar thumbnail
Duet™ Roller Accessory Kit

Use with 2 rollers for support, feedback, and stability challenges.

Duet thumbnail

Cushioning for hard surfaces, or over a carpet.

Mats product thumbnail
Rollers and Release

High-performance, professional rollers. Several options.

Rollers and Release product thumbnail
Balance, Cushions, Positioning

For balance challenges and functional training.

Balance, Cushions, Positioning product thumbnail
Rings & Resistance

Based on Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle. So simple, yet effective!

Rings and Resistance product thumbnail
SmartBell® & More Weights

Several styles and weights.

SmartBell and More Weights product thumbnail

Add variety and new exercises to your Pilates workouts.

Balls product thumbnail
Foot Products

Strengthen feet, improve gait and balance.

Foot Products thumbnail
Rotator Discs

Multiple sizes and resistances, to educate hip flexors and more.

Rotator Discs product thumbnail
Portable Barre

A portable barre for your barre-based workouts.

Portable Barre product thumbnail
Balanced Body Clean®

Safe & strong cleaner and disinfectant.

BB Clean product thumbnail
Pilates Poles

Add variety to your Pilates workouts with Pilates poles.

Pilates Poles product thumbnail
Fletcher Towel

Safe and effective for beginners.

Fletcher Tower product thumbnail