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Pilates Reformer Accessories

Optional accessories to grow your Pilates practice
New! Pilates Reformer Towel

Designed specifically for Balanced Body Reformers!

Reformer Towel product thumbnail
Rialto Tower and Mat Conversion

Innovative Design. Unparalleled Performance.

Rialto Tower and Mat Kit product thumbnail
Allegro® 2 Platform Extender

So much more than standing work!

Platform Extender product thumbnail
Standing Platform Pads

For comfort on your Reformer’s built-in standing platform

Standing Platform Pad product thumbnail
Plank Bars

Delivers new options for Plank and other exercises

Plank Bars product thumbnail
Detachable Rotator Discs

Position virtually anywhere on the Jumpboard. 3 resistances.

Detachable Rotator Disc product thumbnail
Allegro 2 Tower or Mat Kit

Add a tower or mat to your Allegro 2.

Allegro 2 Tower or Mat Retrofit Kit product thumbnail
Allegro Tower of Power

Add a tower or mat to your Allegro.

Allegro Tower of Power product thumbnail
Tower Retrofit Kit

Transform your wood Reformer!

Tower Retrofit Kit product thumbnail
CenterLine Tower Kit

Add a Tower and Mat to your CenterLine Reformer.

CenterLine Tower Retrofit Kit product thumbnail
Sitting Box

Open up a whole new realm of Reformer workouts.

Sitting Box product thumbnail
Sitting Box Lite

An economical and lightweight option

Sitting Box Lite product thumbnail
Foot Straps

To use with your sitting box.

Foot straps product thumbnail
Padded Jumpboard

Add great versatility to your Reformer.

Padded Jumpboard product thumbnail
Jumpus Maximus

Maximize your jumpboard experience!

Jumpus Maximus product thumbnail
Cardio Cloud

Add a softer jumping surface to your jumpboard in seconds.

Cardio Cloud product thumbnail
Balanced Body Clean

Safe & strong cleaner and disinfectant.

BB Clean product thumbnail

Support your client on a gentle incline.

Wedge product thumbnail
Moon Box Lite

A lighter Moon Box

Moon Box Lite product thumbnail
Head Box Cushion

Used for supporting the head when using the Box.

Head Box Cushion product thumbnail
Konnector® Kit

Single-rope pulley system, move all four limbs independently.

Konnector Kit product thumbnail
Reformer Rocker

A feedback tool for an increased understanding of imbalances and asymmetries.

Reformer Rocker product thumbnail
Reformer Rocker Mat

Specially designed mats for your Reformer Rockers.

Reformer Rocker Mat product thumbnail />
Pilates Poles

Add variety to your Pilates workouts with Pilates poles.

Pilates Poles product thumbnail
Gondola Pole Storage Brackets

Mount pole to frame.

Gondola Pole Storage Brackets product thumbnail
Oversized Standing Platform

Clear, non-slip finish on top.

Oversized Standing Platform product thumbnail
BB Toolkit

Everything you need.

BB Toolkit product thumbnail
Allegro Add-a-Platform

Use spring resistance for pulling rather than pushing.

Allegro Add-a-Platform product thumbnail
Studio Reformer Add-a-Platform

Sit or stand at the head-end!

Studio Reformer Add-a-Platform product thumbnail
Proprioception T-Bar

A Balanced Body innovation.

Proprioception T-Bar product thumbnail
Non-Skid Strips

Keep your wood Reformers steady and in place.

Non-Skid Strips product thumbnail
Allegro 2 Wheel Kit

For easy transport, and to stored the Allegro 2 vertically.

Allegro 2 Wheel Kit product thumbnail
Allegro 2 Footbar Cover

Add a little extra cushioning on your Allegro 2 footbar.

Allegro 2 Footbar Cover product thumbnail
Spring Collars

Make Reformer spring changes easier than ever.

Spring Collars product thumbnail
Traditional Reformer Accessory Kit

A package of four accessories.

Traditional Reformer Accessory Kit product thumbnail
Spring Extenders

Recommended with the use of Return Stoppers.

Spring Extenders product thumbnail
Carriage Return Stoppers

Stop the carriage in two additional positions.

Carriage Return Stoppers product thumbnail
Extension Straps

Add length to your Reformer straps.

Extension Straps product thumbnail
Wall Security Strap

Secures standing Allegros when storing vertically.

Wall Security Strap product thumbnail

Pilates Reformer Replacement Parts

Replacement Reformer Ropes

Soft Touch or with snaps.

Replacement Reformer Ropes product thumbnail
Leather Straps

The traditional straps used by Joseph Pilates.

Leather Straps product thumbnail
IQ Wheel Retrofit Kit

Change the wheels on your Pilates IQ Reformer.

IQ Wheel Retrofit Kit product thumbnail
Reformer Springs

Designed specifically for Pilates equipment.

Reformer Springs product thumbnail
Footbar Lockout Knobs

Moving the Infinity or Allegro footbar is easier than ever.

Footbar Lockout Knobs product thumbnail
Adjustable Pulley Risers

Change the angle of resistance.

Adjustable Pulley Risers product thumbnail
Ropes & Risers Conversion

Straps are traditional, but ropes have less friction.

Ropes and Risers Conversion product thumbnail
Sidewheel Conversion Kit

For Reformers that were ordered without sidewheels.

Sidewheel Conversion Kit product thumbnail