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Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.

Reformer Rocker

Developed by Barbara Mayr, a Pilates instructor in Vienna, Austria, the Reformer Rocker is a feedback tool for increasing a client’s understanding of imbalances and asymmetries, and can be used to add specific balance challenges to a training program or rehabilitation protocol.

Adding the Reformer Rocker to your Reformer* has many benefits:

  • Calms the mind and relaxes the muscles.
  • Deepens respiration leading to increased oxygenation and circulation.
  • Improves mental focus by creating an unstable and therefore unpredictable environment.
  • Stimulates the muscles and the nervous system to respond to balance challenges.
  • Provides an effective training environment for kayakers, rowers, skiers, and other athletes who require excellent balance.
  • Creates a feeling of fun, making training more enjoyable.

Flooring affects Rocker performance. A carpeted floor slows down the reactivity of the Rocker and makes the rocking sensation milder. A firm floor (wood, tile, linoleum) increases the responsiveness of the rocker and the rocking sensation. Specially designed floor mats are available, which prevent your Reformer from traveling on a smooth surface and make the Rockers more responsive on a carpeted floor.

Comes with support blocks that fully stabilize the Reformer, allowing it to be used in either rocking mode or as a standard Reformer.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Reformer Rocker is designed for use only with 14" Balanced Body wood Reformers without a Tower. Rockers are screwed into the Reformer legs, permanently adding 5.75" (14.6cm) to the height of your Reformer. Reformer will permanently be altered to accommodate them.

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