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Reformer Accessories

Designed to challenge. Built to last.

Sitting Boxes

Used with your Reformer, a Sitting Box opens up a whole new realm of Reformer workouts, including prone exercises, abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and more. Sitting Boxes also offer a more comfortable option for many seated exercises.

Balanced Body Sitting Boxes are available in several styles that are padded and upholstered.

We now also offer the Sitting Box Lite, an ultra–lightweight and economical option made of durable, recyclable foam. More about the Sitting Box Lite here.

Upholstered Boxes sold online come in Black, except for the Allegro® 2 Sitting Box which is Storm. Custom colors are also available (call to order). Foot Straps are often used with Sitting Box exercises, and are sold separately.

Our options are sized for optimal use to accommodate different types of clients, for various teaching styles, and to provide the best fit with certain Balanced Body Reformer models.

Balanced Body Sitting Box options include:

Standard, New York & Large Sitting Boxes

Our long–standing traditional padded and upholstered boxes have a three–handled design for easy carrying options. They vary in size; see all dimensions listed below.

Contour Sitting Box™

We’ve rounded the edges to fit the body better and encourage a larger range of motion. You will be amazed at how much better the exercises flow. More comfortable for prone exercises (Swan) and supine long box exercises (Back Stroke), because no hard edges interfere with body placement.

CenterLine® Sitting Box

Our CenterLine® Sitting Box also has three convenient handles, and features extra padding on sides and top.

Large Sitting Box with Lip

Need a little more room? Adding a longer/wider top (lip) to our large sitting box makes long box exercises, like Pulling Straps and Teaser, more comfortable and supportive for taller clients or rehab patients. Excellent for both supine and prone exercises.

Sitting Box Lite

We’ve re–invented the Sitting Box to make it ultra–lightweight, just 4.5 lbs (2kg) and very easy on the budget. Comes in durable, recyclable foam, in Black only. More details here.

If you have We recommend:
Studio Reformer® or Clinical Reformer® Any size — your preference
Allegro® 2 Reformer Allegro 2 or Sitting Box Lite
Allegro® Reformer Standard, Contour, or Sitting Box Lite
Pilates IQ® or Pilates Sport® Reformer New York or Sitting Box Lite
CenterLine® Reformer CenterLine
Sitting Box Inches Centimeters
Standard 16.75”w x 29.5”l x 11.5”h 42cm x 74cm x 29cm
Allegro 2 (Storm) 16.75”w x 29.5”l x 11.5”h 42cm x 74cm x 29cm
Contour 16.75”w x 31”l x 11.5”h 42cm x 78cm x 29cm
New York 15”w x 27”l x 10”h 38cm x 68cm x 25cm
Large 16”w x 29”l x 13.5”h 40cm x 73cm x 34cm
CenterLine 16.5”w x 28”l x 10”h 41cm x 70cm x 25cm
Sitting Box Lite 17”w x 31”l x 10.75”h 43cm x 78cm x 27cm
Large with Lip Top, 18”w x 34”l
Base, 16”w x 29”l x 13.5”h
Top, 45cm x 85cm
Base, 40cm x 78cm x 34cm
Color Part # Price  

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