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Pilates Tower Accessories

F.I.T. Kit® (Functional Integrated Trainer)

Get enhanced functional training with this economical upgrade to your Reformer with Tower. Use with any wood Reformer with ropes, risers and a Tower or the Allegro® or Allegro® 2 Tower of Power™.

This versatile High Riser allows you to adjust the angle of resistance for Tower exercises. The F.I.T. Kit’s patented pulleys adjust the full height of the Tower, allowing you to create even more precise, effective workouts to target specific movement patterns, such as a baseball pitch, or a golf or tennis swing, quickly and easily.

No other adjustable riser on the market allows you to work from both sides of the Tower – integrated with the carriage for a stabilization challenge, or on floor for a stable surface. Improve your ability to train effective, functional movement patterns with a full range of resistance for all body positions, including standing.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some older Reformers may have pulleys that cannot be unscrewed from the eyebolt. If this is the case with your Reformer, call Balanced Body® for a new riser kit (part #950-147).

U.S. Patents No. 7833139

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