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Pilates Tower Accessories

Maple Push-Through Bar

Most Balanced Body Tower, Trapeze and Cadillac products include a push-through bar of anodized aluminum (except for our CenterLine® suite).

If your preference is for wood, we offer a maple push-through bar as an optional accessory.

How to Choose
If you are purchasing for a Trapeze Table or a Tower on a wood Reformer, you need item 707-288.
If you are purchasing for a Reformer Trapeze Combination unit, you need item 707-286.

Do not order online if:

  • If you are replacing an older push-through bar that uses T-pins instead of the slider system. The products sold online will not work for you. Please call to order the correct item.
  • Wood push-through bars are not available for Allegro or Allegro 2 towers.
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