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Guillotine Tower


The Guillotine Tower was a fundamental piece of equipment in the original New York Pilates Studio. During Pilates Elder Ron Fletcher’s years of study with Joe and Clara, he learned the incredible value of this seemingly straightforward apparatus. He embraced the value of the Guillotine Tower during his years of study with Joe and Clara because it:

  • Creates a remarkable environment for developing mobility and strength of the hips and spine.
  • Provides incredible feedback. Clients can see when they are out of alignment, which makes it a great assessment tool for stability, flexibility and articulation.

Some have adapted traditional Guillotine Tower exercises to the Cadillac. However, the arc of the Cadillac’s push-through bar doesn’t provide the same pelvic stabilization and spinal articulation provided by the vertical line of the Guillotine Tower. The vertical slider allows clients with limited hamstring and lower-back flexibility (like your male clients) to experience the full benefit of these exercises.

The Balanced Body Guillotine Tower is vastly easier to install compared to similar products that require bolting the apparatus to the floor and ceiling. It is available in two versions:

  • Guillotine Tower with a freestanding base (stratified wood), which requires no installation.
  • Guillotine Tower with no base. Requires bolting into your floor (not the ceiling). Bolts for floor mounting not included.

“Brilliant! You just can’t do that on a Cadillac — there’s not enough room!”

-Alan Herdman, Alan Herdman Pilates

Images of the Guillotine Tower shown here all include its optional freestanding wood base.


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  • Powder-coated steel frame.
  • 2 generously-sized upholstered mats. Stock: Black.
  • Package of 10 Balanced Body Signature Springs™ with snap hooks. Regular: 2 each yellow, blue, red. Long: 2 each yellow and purple.
  • Slider bar* with limiting strap.
  • One pair each: neoprene handles, single cotton loops.
  • Chain with carabiners (for narrower leg work)

*Slider bar: weight limit for standing on the slider bar is 200 pounds.

Optional Freestanding Wood Base
Images of the Guillotine Tower shown here all include its optional freestanding wood base of stratified wood). When purchased with the freestanding base, the Guillotine Tower mounts to the base instead of the floor.



  • Height 80.25" (203.9cm)
  • Width 40.25" (102.2cm)
  • Length 42" (106.7cm), (80.5", 204.5cm with mats installed)

Mats (2)

  • Length 46" (116.8cm)
  • Width 31.25" (79.4cm)
  • Length 36" (91.4cm)
  • Width 31.25" (79.4cm)


  • Length 92" (230cm)
  • Width 42" (106.7cm)
  • Height 1.5" (3.8cm)