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Pilates Tower Accessories

Mat for Wall Tower

Upholstered mat with doweled handles and footstrap

Mat for Wall Tower product thumbnail
Moon Box

Ultra versatile box for your Pilates needs.

Moon Box product thumbnail
Moon Box Lite

A lighter Moon Box

Moon Box Lite product thumbnail
F.I.T. Kit®

Get enhanced functional training with this economical upgrade.

F.I.T. Kit product thumbnail
Push-Through Bar Covers

Non-slip surface for feet and hands.

Push-Through Bar Covers product thumbnail
Padded Foot Stopper

Height: 9"; Width: 38"

Padded Foot Stopper product thumbnail
Sitting Box Riser

Get extra height for your sitting box

Sitting Box Riser product thumbnail
Slastix™ Resistance Bands

Improved comfort, durability and safety.

Slastix Resistance Bands product thumbnail
Stability Sling

Provide support for mat and core control exercises.

Stability Sling product thumbnail
Face Rest

Face rest offers almost unlimited positioning.

Face Rest product thumbnail
Wall Tower Chain

Attaches to virtually any point in the center of the Wall Tower.

Wall Tower Chain product thumbnail
Mat and Spring Tote Bag

Perfect to store or transport your reformer, trap, or tower springs.

Mat and Spring Tote Bag product thumbnail
CoTear™ Non-Slip Tape

Looking for a better grip on your equipment?

CoTear Non-Slip Tape product thumbnail